What can be said about Crowbar that hasn't been sound by now? Their sludgey music has enough for fans of hardcore, traditional metal, doom, and so much more. Their sound is like a goddamn sonic punch to the ear. After killing it for over two decades, all fans of heavy music should have at least heard Crowbar by now. If you haven't, then this album is a pretty good place to start.
Reissued for the first time in digital form, many have tended to overlook this album as those same many often say Crowbar keeps writing the same album. I see no problem with that when they created a sound all their own and that "same album" is always awesome. That's a foolish statement considering that by this release, their 6th album overall, the band was matured into their sound and grew on it more. To me, they have done no wrong, even that Gary Moore cover. It's awesome how exciting music this doom and gloomy can be.