I honestly hate doing reviews like this because it states clearly in the "About" section that we are centered around "underground and undiscovered/unsigned artists." Not "has-been bands of yesteryear that have sold millions of records and happen to be on an independent label now." Not that it's below me to do a review on a band like this or anything. It's just, what do you expect a reviewer on this site to think of a new Hinder record?

I remember seeing the music video for Hinder's "Lips of An Angel" when I was 12 and just cracking up at it. Ever since then, Hinder has been (in my opinion) one of those bands you like if you're not sure what you want to like in music. Similar to a band like Nickelback, Hinder has cookie-cutter, vapid songs and are still around thanks to a few hits around 10 years ago. People just get into these bands because they hear their songs on the radio and are too lazy or don't care enough to try to find other, more creative, more passionate music that resonates with them.

Even though it's been almost ten years since I first (and last) heard Hinder, nothing much has changed except for a new vocalist. I can just see songs being played live from this album with thousands of people in Affliction shirts in attendance, downing cheap beers and pretending to know the words to the songs. There's not one second of passion or sincerity that I feel from this album, and that's a huge turn off to any band for me. Music should make you feel something, and not like you want to throw the CD out before you're done listening to it.

As much as I disliked this album, I can say the performance by the band was good. As a guitar player, I found the solo in "Dead to Me" especially noteworthy. Hinder sounds tight as a unit and has a solid rhythm section. I'm not saying the band is talent-less or their songs aren't catchy. Sure, there's the anthemic chorus in "Wasted Life." You have the power ballads in "Letting Go" and especially "Only for Tonight." But for me, these all have the bubblegum-quality to it where if you listen to these songs more than a few times, you realize how substance-less they really are. The lyrics are very uninspired-mostly dealing with love, lost love, and drinking.

The record all sounds pretty similar too. Except for the few power ballads and the almost country-esque "Hit the Ground," you don't have too much variety. The last song "I Need Another Drink" is especially weak and left me wondering if the record was even over. It's not a definite end to a record at all and made me enjoy When The Smoke Clears even less.

The only reason I could see for someone listening to this record is if they're already a Hinder fan. Other than that, you probably didn't realize Hinder has a new record out. I know I wish I didn't.