Sometimes I wonder if people even look at the website for more than 30 seconds before sending their material in to be reviewed. This is definitely the farthest I've been out of my comfort zone reviewing an album for Stereokiller, but here goes nothing. "These Veins" is the debut EP from Montana pop singer-songwriter Charlee Remitz.

I'm no expert on pop in the slightest, but these five songs are pop done very well. On this EP you'll find very soulful singing, dark, ambient beats and minimal but effective instrumentation. I haven't listened to a ton of artists like Charlee, but this EP reminds me mostly of Lorde and Lana Del Rey.

Even though the songs are very chilled out and for the most part slow, there's definitely a great sense of dynamics. It's clear she knows when to be reserved and when to belt out, and it usually reflects the emotion she's trying to convey at a given moment in a song. Also, the dance-like beat in "Fly Home" and the slightly faster bridge in "Rap Gods" offered up a nice change of pace. For the most part, I enjoyed listening to " These Veins." There are some very genuine moments lyrically like on the title track and "Spoiled Rotten." The production is solid, and the vocal performance is great. However, I wasn't crazy about the lyrics on "Rap Gods," and a few of the songs overstay their welcome in my opinion. I don't think "Flash Flash" and "Rap Gods" needed to be over 5 and a half minutes.

Overall, this is a great debut and an enjoyable pop EP. If you're a fan of Lorde or Lana Del Rey, you should check this out.