"Hits" is the first greatest hits compilation from Canada's Billy Talent. This career-spanning disc collects the band's most popular material from their first four albums, and includes two new songs in "Kingdom of Zod" and "Chasing the Sun."

The thing I enjoy most about this collection is the progression of the band. I've always thought Billy Talent had an edge over many other punk bands because their songwriting ability is not only great, but they can vary genres with ease. Even listening to the first three tracks off their debut album makes this fact prevalent. Then you get into "Billy Talent II" which has a more in-your-face, emotionally charged feel with its songs. "Devil on My Shoulder" kicks off the selections from "Billy Talent III" which is a down-tuned hard-rocker. This along with "Rusted from the Rain" pretty much abandon punk altogether. The newer songs from Billy Talent's "Dead Silence" are good, although for me not as enjoyable as their first three records (although "Stand Up and Run" has one of my favorite choruses on this whole compilation). They also leave us with two previously unreleased songs to hold us over before their new album due to drop in 2016.

Overall, if you've never checked out Billy Talent, this is the best way to do so. Long-time fans will enjoy the new tracks, and casual fans will find more material to sink their teeth into.