On the surface, New Jersey's OId Wounds is a modern hardcore act that could easily be passed over if not given a solid listen. I did just that for a decent bit of time. I saw their name and admittedly never gave them a chance. I'm open to honesty and saying how wrong I was.

I'm glad I gave The Suffering Spirit many a solid listen. That surface straight forward modern hardcore sound is still there, but also mixed with many a late 90s/early 00s hardcore/metalcore sound. I think I'd be safe to say the band is even fans of Anterrabae. The energy and anger draws the listener in, impossible not to have happen as it grabs you by your throat, but it's the repeat listens that more is revealed.

There's a pure honesty in the band that comes across their music. Everything is blatantly being left on the floor as the vocals seemingly exorcise any demons. This is done so in a heart on their sleeve manner. The cleanly sung vocals are haunting and never forced. The Suffering Spirit may be a short outing, but there's enough in here to contend with in the world of heavy music and beyond.