I wish that writing one sentence reviews was acceptable, because all you would read is there's not a goddamn chance in hell that I would suffer through this again. However, that's not acceptable at all. Instead, I'll be ranting about this pile of nonsense.

At first sight, I was expecting a Slipknot ripoff. Their imagery would have been played out even a decade ago. I had to take a look online to find out first who the hell these guys were. Their bio states "formed in 2012 from the remnants of Dr. Acula, keyboardist and sample mastermind Joey Simpson was looking to start a project that would combine metal, hardcore, industrial and electronic music in a unique and cinematic fashion." Well now, I could have stopped at Dr. Acula and definitely stopped when the word mastermind was attached to anything any of the members have done. The ONLY good thing about that band was their name being a reference to a Mitch Hedberg joke. In reality, it just tainted that joke. Their music was some of the worst I've ever had the misfortune of hearing. The rest of that bio is just a bunch of self serving lies that the music never once lived up to.

The best way to describe their music is as an electronic laced djentknot. Their djent is probably 8th rate and absolutely awful. The Slipknot parts sound like riffs they would have thrown away in 1999. On top of that is dreadful electronics with horrid auto tuned vocals that come off as a bad pop song on a radio trying to fight it's way through a nu metal concert in 2002. Seriously, look at this nonsense, seeing/hearing one minute of this is enough to make any sane person want to jam stick in their ears:

The imagery is laughable. I guess it's supposed to be scary, but comes off as a terrible local nu metal band performing for people waiting in line at a haunted hayride thinking it's their big break. Probably as much of a break as signing to Victory Records is these days. I refer to their bio once more to wrap this bullshit up, "Kissing Candice bring a new vision of the macabre, pulling the listener to shake a layer of dust off a tired genre which too often trades intelligence for fantasy, substance for spectacle." I have no clue how they feel they don't fall into that as well and also think they need to shake any dust off nu-metal's rotting corpse.