Perth, Australia doesn't usually come to mind when thinking of hotbeds of any of the subgenres of punk rock. Aside from singer Pat Decline's thick Aussie accent, listeners hear the sounds of California communities like Santa Cruz in The Decline's collection of melodic punk songs entitled Resister. It is that accent that helps to set this band apart from the many on Fat Wreck Chords and playing at The Fest in Gainesville, FL. It may sound ridiculous, but the exaggerated accent of Britain has always been a useful tool for a multitude of punk singers like Billy Bragg and Joe Strummer and in material from more modern acts like Frank Turner and The Gallows, not to mention every Oi! band ever. It is much more interesting for Americans to hear than simply singing in an American accent as many bands from across the pond tend to do.

For fans of the skate punk genre, their third LP Resister is worth a listen. The songwriting, production, and guitar tones are all familiar territory for listeners of melodic punk, and these guys aren't really reinventing anything on this release. They do, however, keep it interesting in a somewhat pigeonholed subgenre where everything has pretty much been done, and has been done for a while. The usual infectious sing-songy vocal hooks, simple while useful solos, and uptempo pace are all there with an occasional woe-is-me attitude. It is a straightforward album with solid production and was mastered at legendary studio The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO.

As aging punk fans, many of us are not yet tired of songs about music, friendship, and being in a band. "Underworld Tour" is a track about actually going on tour in Hell. Resister employs audio clips from American films Chasing Amy and Empire Strikes Back. To further the pop-culture references on this record, "You're Not the Waitress" was seemingly written about It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Overall, the record is a solid release, and I am sure the band will be well received by an American crowd at this year's The Fest 2015 on Halloween weekend.

Recommended tracks: “Giving Up is a Gateway Drug,” “The Blurst of Times,” “You Call This a Holiday?”