There are many bands I may read about but never give the time to listen to, and as a result I'm sure that I'm the odd man out on many good records. We all do it to some degree, and Hamilton, Ontario hardcore outfit Counterparts was one of those bands I never sat to really listen to. However, I happened to catch the band live a couple weeks ago, as they were an opener for Every Time I Die. I was encapsulated by how hard each member played on stage, the energy translated into their already aggressive, breakdown laden sound. So here we are, weeks later and I've taken a couple listens to their newest album, Tragedy Will Find Us.

The opening drumbeat of "Stillborn" had me thinking I was being pranked by an Against Me! cover, but things quickly change with an uptempo wall of guitars and frenetic drums, before jumping into a solid two step inducing riff. There are mosh parts galore, and this is only the first track. Frontman Brendan Murphy has vocal characteristics similar to that of fellow Canadian Andrew Neufeld of Comeback Kid, specifically with that super throaty delivery that actually sounds like he's tearing his throat apart.

"Thread" has a dissonant set of riffs with some offbeat drums and a massive breakdown at the halfway point. Counterparts are a melodic hardcore band that lean towards the mosh heavy spectrum, "Stranger" is a perfect balance of what the band is capable of. Beginning with a breakdown, building with a wall of melodic chords and then launching into an even bigger breakdown. Murphy's vocals are very intense at the tail end of this track, and definite high point for me.

The rest of Tragedy Will Find Us is very much on par with the aforementioned tracks, with barn burners like "Choke" and "Collapse" and the more melodic tracks "Tragedy" and "Drown". Overall, if you are a fan any band mentioned in the Similar Bands section, this record is worth checking out. Or any dudes trying to pit, because the breakdowns will satisfy you. Tragedy Will Find Us is out now on Pure Noise Records. Stream "Stranger" below: