As the followup and lyrical sequel to 2012's Monolith Of Inhumanity, San Diego deathgrind act Cattle Decapitation have returned with The Anthropocene Extinction. Back in 2009, I was working in the Rock/Metal department of Virgin Megastore Times Square (RIP). A fellow metalhead recommended a track off Cattle's 2009 album The Harvest Floor for its ridiculous high tempo gravity blast, and that track was "A Body Farm". I was hooked after that, and really got into the fast tempo deathgrind with crazy twists and turns on each track. That sound remains relatively unchanged here, albeit with a higher quality production value. Another thing to note is frontman Travis Ryan's use of "clean" vocals, especially on a track like "Mammals In Babylon". And I'm not talking pitch perfect, high pitch crap, but rough around the edges clean vocals that allow the constant onslaught of stop/starts and brutal blasts to sound even meaner.

Continuing on the lyrlcal theme of the human race treating Earth like shit, The Anthropocene Extinction deals with the aftermath of mankind's influence. The all encompassing opening track, "Manufactured Extinct", begins with a full minute of slower tempo brutality before launching into a full frenzied assault, Ryan's guttural vocals are spewed with rapid delivery. Theres a clean vocal chorus that launches into a high speed solo and a stop start breakdown as well.

Cattle Decapitation continue to release pulverizing deathgrind that rarely lets up. Vegan ideals aside, this band continues to be a relevant force in modern heavy music. The Anthropocene Extinction is out NOW via Metal Blade Records.