I guess with the band putting the entire album up for stream yesterday, I’m kind of under pressure to get a review out before its official release this weekend. I’ve been sitting on the new album, Disharmony, from Twitching Tongues for over a week now but had been having a hard time putting to words how I felt about it. Normally after a run through, or maybe 2, I have enough of an idea of what I want to say about a record but there are rare times where I hear something that leaves me speechless, or in this case, wordless.

I guess some people got to hear this record way in advance because there was a good amount of chatter about it days before I received my invite from Metal Blade to review the record. Some people were praising it but others were panning it saying it was “boring”, “garbage”, and even a witty joke on an early album calling Disharmony “sleep therapy”. After my initial run through of the record, I’m curious to see if we actually listened to the same thing. For all the love that In Love There Is No Law has received, this should have gotten the same tenfold. It seems to have fixed any of the questionable elements from that record and built upon their sound. For all intents and purposes, this is basically an early 90’s death metal record with the occasional hardcore trappings to keep the original fan base happy. The influences are worn on the sleeves of the Young Bros & Co. as I find myself catching riffs out of the catalogs of Sepultura, Morbid Angel, Bolt Thrower and more modern acts such as Ark Angel and even a riff here and there that reminds of Slipknot, when they rip off death metal acts. Even with the wide variety of new additions, the band blended them together with perfection for an overall cohesive sound. They also never abandoned what made In Love so attractive. The gothic sense of melody is still in full effect and the massive chug heavy breakdowns are still very prevalent. There is also a great sense of balance between the more metal songs and the slower tracks. It took me a minute to appreciate songs like the title track and Preacher Man on In Love There Is No Law but they have become some of my favorites in the bands entire catalog. On Disharmony, there are more of those slow songs and I feel this is where the band truly shines as song writers. Love Conquers None and Arrival, the latter sounding like a metal band’s take on a Depeche Mode or Sisters Of Mercy track, are for me, the highlights of the album. While the assbeaters Cannibal and Asylum Avenue are definitely two of the heaviest songs they ever wrote, it’s easier to write them. Atleast I feel that way. I think it takes much more talent and focus to pull off the ballad, and Twitching Tongues are the best at doing it in the entire hardcore scene without sounding corny. I feel that this is the album that Twitching Tongues has always wanted to make; it just took some time to perfect their craft to get there.

Lyrically and vocally, the direction stays the same except Colin Young has a lot more bite to his bark this time out. His signature vocal styling that falls somewhere between Jonah Jenkins (Only Living Witness) and Corey Taylor (Slipknot) are on full display but there is a lot gruffer yelling this time out. It results in a much more emotional delivery that really compliments the blend of melody and chaos of the music that is behind him. Lyrically he’s still romanticizing over negativity and delivers it in an almost gothic nature much akin to what Peter Steele did for Type O Negative. While most hardcore bands bitch and complain about similar things (depression & self-destruction), it’s a nice change of pace to hear the words arranged like artful poetry rather than straightforward hatred. I’d compare Colin Young to Dani Filth in their arrangement of words.

In a year with a lot of really great releases, Disharmony is definitely making its case as a contender for album of the year for me. Twitching Tongues has successfully separated themselves from the pack with this one. The days of being considered a band that just rips off bands like Only Living Witness (where they got their name) or Life Of Agony, the shift come that they are in a league all their own. The days of having “Twitching Tongues parts” has begun. For melodic metalcore, no one is touching the boys from LA for quite a while. Disharmony is out on Metal Blade Records on Oct 30th and will serve as the perfect soundtrack as the depressing season of fall is amongst us.