Recently, I saw a list somewhere of newer hardcore bands everyone should like. It contained bands like Blistered, Axis, Forced Order, Twitching Tongues, a few more, and these guys. Some of the bands were damn good, some were awful. This band's name intrigued me and I went into this hoping for the best. I was more than pleasantly surprised.

With their name, I admittedly kind of expected some sort of artsy metalcore. My ears weren't prepared for the unrelenting crusty grinding hardcore. Opening like a band obsessed with dark hardcore and His Hero is Gone, I'm quickly bludgeoned over the head with a breakdown that escaped from the 90s hardcore scene. No sooner than I finish banging my head to that the band is punching me in the gut with a mournful sludgey passage.
If Embrace the Wretched Flesh is anything, it's undeniably pissed. It sounds like it hates everything and would even punch its own mother. Only this kind of music can a description like that be a good thing. Like an unchained, raging bull, trampling through less than 24 minutes of gloomy and rage, this release is a force to be reckoned with.