To call the Hub City Stompers (HCS) a 6 piece ska band from NJ would be an oversimplification. They are instead a band that wears its influences from punk, oi, 80s pop, reggae, soul, and jazz on its sleeve while nailing it artfully into their own self made genre of “Dirty Jersey Hooligan Ska”. Hailing from New Brunswick N.J., HCS was built from members of Inspecter 7, Bigger Thomas, Professor Plum, Predator Dub Assassins, Bomb Town, and The Heavy Beat. Current members include Rev Sinister - vocals, Jenny Whiskey - tenor sax / vocals, Reggae Bob - bass, Rod Gorgeous - guitar, Joey Pip - drums, G&T James - trombone, Greg Behan - keyboard / guitar.

What you will find in this release from Crowd Control Media is a collection of songs selected from the first 3 (2004-2006) HCS albums. Since those first 3 albums are now out of print, this release is a great way for newcomers to look back at what came before the more recent 4th and 5th records. The album’s name roughly translates from Latin to mean Murder Sweat Beer and covers all the requisite subjects. They shy away from the poppy 90’s Ska lyrical sap and instead the songs fit better side by side with oi songs about consumption of beer, the discerning application of steel toe boots, the inhalation of cannabis, righteous revenge, masturbation as a misanthropic pastime, internet keyboard warriors, women of ample stature, and all other types of ill shit. The sound of the different recording sessions is not a big distraction for me as it can be with some comps and retrospective releases.
In summary I like this record a lot. It’s everything I hope for but seldom get from the genre. Its uplifting, clever, funny, and catchy as fuck. I recommend picking up the LP on Vinyl and I think it would be best enjoyed with friends and several of your favorite American lagers.