DC area’s Consumed With Hatred has been slowly but steadily making a name for themselves in the past few years. Playing with anyone and everyone and slowly creeping up spots in show lineups. Total DIY warriors, if you will. It’s been a few years since their last release (atleast the last one I’m aware of) but Consumed With Hatred is back with their most rambunctious release to date in This Is How It’s Done.

It’s a weird conundrum that I find myself in when trying to peg these guys to a genre as hey kind of run the gamut when it comes to influences and stylings. I hear Morbid Angel like death metal riffage throughout but with a hefty amount of black metal not too far off what Behemoth was doing during their Thelema.6 era. There are punishing metalcore breakdowns and there is a plethora of straight grind chaos. The transitions on paper make little to no sense but after a few listens you begin to pick up on the method to the madness. I started to make the complaint that it was sloppy but as I started getting used to the transitions, the “sloppiness” of the record actually adds to the charm. It’s a big anarchistic in its approach but I appreciate it. The EP is never boring and keeps the listener guessing for its entire duration.

It’s fun to hear a band take the more metal approach to this form of metalcore. I keep the core element because it still has that punkrock/DIY til I die ethos about it. But while bands like, say, Code Orange or even Full Of Hell have tons of metallic parts, they are more firmly entrenched in the hardcore side of things while Consumed With Hatred has old school metal fully engrained in their DNA and only sprinkles the hardcore in from time to time to remain loosely attached.

My only true complaint about this release is in its production. Sure the rawness of in part be a planned theme to the overall sound but at times it seems a bit muddy. The triggers on the drums are a little too similar to that of the toms and to the untrained ear, it sounds like the members could be playing two different parts at the same time. But much like getting used to the bedlam that is the music, you eventually get used to this potential production gaffe.

Much like their previous release, the appropriately titled Over Before It Started, This Is How It’s Done is also over almost before it started. CWH gets straight to the point, gets in and out without wasting time on frills and fillers. But in its limited time length, it will punish you from all angles. I didn’t know what to anticipate really going in because it’s been a minute since I listened to the last EP, but I won’t be making the mistake of continuing to sleep on these guys and neither should you. The EP is self-released so hit up the band for your copy today.