This is an excellent album full of hard rocking tunes a good mixture of punk, metal and rock a la Motorhead meet Zeke meet the Dwarves. There is not a lot of diversity on this album but if you like the one song as much as I do you won't mind the fact that outside of the lyrics you might have a hard time telling one song from the next. But while we are on the topic of the lyrics...this is a fucking really funny album, full of songs about being an ugly, fucked up, rock and roll scumbag...which as the vocalist for COPSTABBER really fucking appeals to me. It's one thing to write songs designed to offend and be funny, it is another do it with style and not come off trite. From a value point of view...most scumfuck rock and roll focuses more on the shock and awe which is one thing that really sets Gehennah apart from the rest of the pack. Musically even if tempo and structure-wise, the songs are very similar they are filled with awesome driving beats and wailing guitar solos. I am sure that the songs will begin to stand out as individuals more and more as I become more familiar with them and I am definitely going to give the album that chance...there is a lot of replay value in this one trick pony.