This is almost definitely the worst album I've heard in a very long time. It is so bad that I honestly wouldn't be the least bit surprised that it had a major pop radio hit any day now. This is exactly the kind of bland, passionless, boring, uninspired garbage that the public tends to eat up. The only scenario where I could imagine this band coming up or being part of a discussion with anyone posting on this board is if your creepy ass was talking to some 14 year old girl from the suburbs who said that she likes punk rock music. It's absolutely impossible to listen to this and have any concept or sense of understanding about how this is even related to punk rock music but here we are on a punk rock message board talking about this shit band "Banquets". I really do hate to be like this when I'm writing a review... so negative, with nothing good to say. I know that out there somewhere... somewhere terrible there are four or five or however many guys in this band who are really proud of this album they they feel that it was the statement that they were trying to make and who am I to criticize them for their creative output but what I can say is there's nothing at all about this entire record that I enjoy. I see what they were trying to do with some of the "tricky" (Fucking no) time changes and stuff...but where their influences may have been able to have done some of those things effectively, this band just sorta kills whatever terrible momentum-towards-boredom that they actually had going for them. The vocals are lazy the guy thinks that he can really really sing...but it just sounds weak, flat and honestly just makes this already bad thing worse. Maybe with some work or with some professional guidance he'll be the next big thing he'll be the next fucking Breaking Benjamin or whoever the fuck is big in this horrible suburban teenage emo world that they are calling punk rock. Punk rock? No way dogg. These motherfuckers are lying to you.