First off before I go any further in this review I am going to make a couple of statements. 1. I just love evil devil worshippy and/or occult shit. It just appeals to my sensibilities. I fucks with that shit. 2. Black metal has a reputation for a lot of the bands saying or being about that ol' racist bullshit...which I do NOT fucks with. So if in the assorted growls and screams on this record they are actually saying some shit on that tip (which I would probably never know) then I am not endorsing or cosigning on that shit...but as far as I can tell this split is all about the motherfucking evil shit and not on that whole white Nordic pride shit. And as stated above....I really fucks with that Satan shit.

Good morning and motherfucking hail Satan. This Split from Satanic Warmaster and Archgoat came to me yesterday and I was so stoked. Not because I am a particularly big Black metal be honest most black metal eludes me. I find that of all the 3700000 metal subgenres, a lot of the black metal bands focus less on their proficiency and more on finding cool ways to look dead while walking around in snowy forests. Some black metal bands I've heard sound like they are actually trying to ONLY be abrasive and don't even give a fuck about rhythm, melody or composition. Well the 2 bands on this split are definitely not in that category. The first 4 of these songs are by Satanic Warmaster and frankly they are the best 4 songs on the whole album. I was already sold as soon as the first song kicked in. That track "Black Destiny" had me screaming "THE SIGN OF THE PENTAGRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The first time through...I didn't even know when or where it was just kinda became my mantra for the evening. I feel like S.W. is a black metal band because they fucks with that satan shit real hard like I do, but they also worship at the alter of old school thrash and speed metal because many of these riffs and fucking gnarly guitar solos could easily have come out of an 1987 thrash album that was sung by a ghost....and I mean that way better than it sounds. Seriously. Hail Satan.

The second 2/3rds of the album is the contribution of the band Archgoat. This is another technically superior black metal band. I didn't dislike the music for a minute. The occasional word or phrase that I could understand sounded cool and I do think my man does the death metal style vocals really well...but if I wanted to listen to a death metal vocalist I would have picked one of those bands' albums. When I want black metal I want the traditional higher register black metal vocals...maybe that is some judgmental whack bullshit but I'm reviewing a record so my judgments are what I am being asked I minus whale be honest and say that I really don't see myself listening beyond the first 5 or 6 songs. The musicality is still great so I will still check out the Archgoat stuff now and then....but if I'm picking between the 2 bands represented here there is one that stands head and shoulders above the other....but at least they are definitely on the Satan worship tip too with tracks like Angelcunt, Satanic Oath and Jesus Spawn (and more!)...if I could understand dude better I would probley be so fucking stoked on their part of the album...but the vocals ruin it for me.

All in all I give the musical performances 4 stars across the 13 tracks. Really good metal. The guitarists for both bands are fucking rippers. I give the level of evil amongst us on the record a 5 out of 5 across the 13 tracks. But Vocal performances are my pretty much only problem with this record and I am willing to admit it...I give 2.5 outta 5 there.... If you don't care about the vocals that much and are in it for the devil shit and some old school riffs you might give this record a better review, but I gotta be true to myself...Satan would be disappointed in me if I wasn't.