This album has been getting more listening from me than most of the albums I review...normally I play the record like 5-10 times through on a couple different machines (computer, car stereo, home system etc...) and write down my first impressions, any major plusses or minuses and any shit I find funny or insightful so I don't forget. Then I sleep on it, listen a few more times and get to the refining process and submit the motherfucker. It's a quick and dirty probably works in the favor of some bands and definitely works against bands that "have to grow on you". This album has confounded me at every turn. I know how I feel about the album but I don't really know how to explain it.

The extremely short version of this is that Saviours-Palace of Vision is a really solid album. The production value on this is super high. I fucking love the way it sounds on every set of speakers I have heard it on. This sounds like a stupid thing to lead off the review with but when you are dealing with any of the heavy music genres it can be a real treat to find an album that really sounds professional and this one stands out from the pack. Musically the Guitars are what make this band the monster that it is. The fucking technical runs and solos...big thick's heavy as fuck but still gives the songs "room to breathe", if that hippy sounding shit makes sense. One of the things I think I like best about this band is that they don't lean on any kind of is just in your face heavy jammy metal that doesn't give a fuck whether or not it fits into a tidy little genre box. If anything I would call the genre "Unpretentious Metal" which up until today I would have said was an oxymoron. I really like the vocals on this record a lot, but I feel like his delivery and cadence is really very similar from song to song. I feel like you could definitely take his vocal tracks on a lot of the songs and put them on the music tracks and it would still fit pretty nicely...and to me that is a bit of a drag, I would like to see him take more chances and get out of his comfort zone in order to make the songs have more life of their own...stand out as individuals. But with that said, he is still a very talented vocalist and what he does he does very well.

Aside from the drawbacks to my reviewing style that I mentioned up top, I am also really bad at doing any kind of research on the bands I review. I wonder where these motherfuckers are from. I feel like wherever it is that these guys are better than most of their contemporaries but are also probably surrounded by some really good other bands that challenge them, because this album feels hungry. As if they as a band know that they need to fight for supremacy and this is a fight they could win most of the time if I were to guess. I also wonder if these bamas have any other records...I bet those motherfuckers are really good too. You should definitely buy this record and listen to it a bunch. You will almost certainly find a lot to like about this.