Sometimes I want my hardcore to be about something. Sometimes I want a message. Sometimes I want my hardcore to be the voice for the underdog. Sometimes I want to get yelled at by wiggerish bros and pick up boulders and throw them at satellites in space. For when that's what I'm, looking for Lionheart fits the bill. This is a very angry and tough album. These are fight songs. This shit is exactly the kind of shit I would have dedicated my life to at like 16 or 17. Now for the record I'm pushin 40 at this point and I can say with assuredness that I'm a lot harder to rile up and incite to riot than I was 20 years this point sitting on the couch in living room I can't exactly think of what it would take to get my ass up and wildin out...but this record brings me back to a time in my life when that shit woulda made was a simpler time. A time when lyrics like "I don't give a fuck about none of y'all so fuck y'all" would have summed up my whole life. A time before bills and adult this album is actually some kind of meditation for me. It is strengthening the bond between my inner child and my current self. This motherfucker is cheaper than therapy but has done very little but put smiles on my face since I grabbed this motherfucker. Yes it is mad ignorant. The lyrics are straight out of a teenage boys notebook. This album is the camo shorts of the music world. But why is that something to look down at? I am going to listen to this album a fucking lot and I won't give a single fuck. I can listen serious grown up hardcore, I can listen to "woke" hip hop, I can listen to grimey ass punk rock and I can listen to Lionheart and there isn't anything wrong with long as I remember that I'm almost 38 and that I shouldn't hit that motherfucker with a brick. That ship has sailed. A motherfucker got a mortgage and shit, I'ma pump this shit in traffic with the windows down and mean mug urrybody on the way home from a long day at the office heading back to my modest single family home on the outskirts of Baltimore City and daydream of a day when I knew I'd never be an old married fat fuck with responsibilities...when I was that live by the sword, die by the sword motherfucker. Yeah....I'ma be dead by 30 so I don't give a fuck about none of y'all.