With just two previously released 7" EPs ("Divine Injustice" in 2013 and "Father Inferior" in 2015), God's Hate has created quite the buzz in hardcore. It helps that the band features Colin of the Young brothers (Twitching Tongues, Disgrace, Nails) duo that seem to be responsible for everything good coming out of California, but what God's Hate have done is rejuvenate a simple sound that has been watered down through the years. Solid, heavy hardcore.

Hardcore got lost somewhere in the 2000's. Too many bands tried too hard and the focus switched from writing hard music, to looking hard. There was a saturation of "tough guy" bands with brass knuckle t-shirts and generic fucking riffs peppered with lyrics about kicking ass. All that convictions, brotherhood, and family horse shit seemed to take center stage over writing songs that actually evoked the angry emotion those buffoons tried to perpetuate. There were bands like Stout or 100 Demons that didn't fake the funk and wrote punishing songs and their shows were something terrifying and special. However, those two bands in particular, release records about once every ten years and Hatebreed started letting us down a long time ago, so there has been a void to fill.

The East coast got delivered a long awaited gift in the form of New Jersey's Lifeless, and now the West coast seems to be saying, "Hi guys, we can do that too." When "Extermination" kicks in to start the record, you'll believe them too. They've got that beefy metallic chug in the guitars over top that rolling double bass drumming and those pushing a shit out vocals that bulge veins in necks and foreheads. This is what I wish we called metalcore. There really is equal parts of both genres and it reminds me of Merauder in their prime. You want a sweet guitar solo? That's here too.

I don't mean to simplify the sound, but there really aren't many levels to it. The simplicity of hardcore can be a blessing and a curse. God's Hate make that blessing a brutal aural lesson in good old fashioned metallic hardcore. If you miss the blunt force impact of bands like Hatebreed, Merauder, Stout, and 100 Demons, than look no further. God's Hate has got that shit.