So it turns out that this was the album I've been wanting to hear. This is probably my favorite record that I have reviewed for Stereokiller so far. It has a little something for most of my musical tastes. This album definitely has it's flaws and some definite weak spots but that isn't weird...there aren't too many perfect records out there. But if you are looking for a metal album that takes elements from the 70's, 80's, 90's metal and blends it effortlessly and with a ton of style, then you found the motherfucker. I'm not big on going through the albums in my reviews...I hate reviewers who basically say "Track one did this and track 2 did that and blah blah blah" Listen to the album and think things through for yourself. Do you like classic metal like Sabbath and Alice Cooper? This album is dripping in that shit. Track 3 (called "Laughing and Lost") probably should have just been sold to Alice Cooper for his next album. It would have been the best song he's put out in years. Do you like the technicality and production quality of 80's style metal and hard rock like Maiden or Van Halen? Those influences are shining through. What about the bluesier 80's stuff like Cinderella and Dangerous Toys? I know right!? This album sounds awesome. For people that loved the early 90's grungey alternametal like Alice in Chains and The Melvins, even that shit gets some love. It is unheard of to have a band interweave this many generations of rocking music into one project and have it sound like anything but a mess...but this album reads as fresh and vital as any album I've heard this year. If you really prefer your metal music more blistering and speed and evilness (which honestly I do) then this might be the last thing you want to hear...I turned this on after listening to Coffins and Ilsa for like 2 hours and my first thoughts on song one were not favorable...but then I got my head screwed on straight and started listening to all of the shit that was going on on "New Waste" and I got so stoked. I didn't even mind my 2 hour ride home because this album played through like 3 times. The weaknesses of the album come from what I think are also the strengths of the album. This is one of those bands that isn't afraid to put itself all the way out there and when it works well it pays dividends of awesomeness...when the singer dude goes all in on a note he probably can't hit and it comes off pitchy and kinda sucks, but the 50 other times on the record that he does the same thing and nails it is one of the reasons it is so good. I might put that on the producer/engineer dude honestly more than the band...I woulda had that motherfucker go over that shit 75 more times until he hit it for real or tried something else and did THAT right. Same with the guitars, the leads and solos on this record are big as fuck and the music on the album overall has an almost orchestral quality at points with all of the different changes and parts that they put into a single song...but every now and then it seems like dude was going hard and I feel like he either lost it or didn't know where to go next and it throws off the momentum for a second...but if they weren't having guitar solos that have like 3 different sections...I wouldn't be jocking the album as hard as I am. So the weaknesses or failings on this album come from a band that is trying hard as fuck to write you a fucking definitive, genre spanning metal album and are pushing themselves to the motherfucking danger zone. I fucks with that. It's way better than half of these other bands out here that just fail because they are lazy herb ass losers...I hope this band makes albums every year for the next 20 years.