When you review a 2 song split for Coffins and Ilsa there is only one thing that you can be certain of...and that is that you wish you were doing reviews for 2 full lengths because one song from either of these bands, no matter how fucking brutal...is not enough. Especially motherfucking Ilsa. That fucking band is my shit.

So what I will say first off about these songs is that they are paired together very well, if that makes any sense...the mood and feel of the songs makes them feel cohesive...which can be a real problem on a lot of splits. Up first is the Coffins side. I am a fan of Coffins but I don't like them nearly as much as it seems like most of the community of metal fans do. The Perpetual Penance album was what I was listening to for the whole ride when I had to go identify my mother's body when she was found dead...it felt like the right choice...This song, "Tyrant" is, in my opinion better than the songs on that record. The music is well recorded and performed, the vocals sound like a million bucks and as a whole I was really happy with the song. There are several different parts and some cool little musical breaks that prevent you from getting hypnotized by droning death awesomeness. Sometimes Coffins makes me think "This is an above average death metal band with an above average hardcore kid drummer" I think that is why I like them as much as I do. They give me all the evil shit I like, with all the heaviness and bursts of crazy speed that I also like but the drummer doesn't just sit there blasting all the time...and it keeps me feeling like I'm not completely removed from my own comfort zone/wheelhouse on the punk rock/hardcore side of things. If you don't know Coffins, peep this split, yo. I think you will like what you hear...and if you do then buy the rest of their shit because metal is awesome I know your ass is just made out of disposable income to spend on records.

The second track of the split is by one of my favorite metal bands, but especially one of my favorite NEWER metal bands and SUPER especially one of my favorite local bands (to me). Ilsa brings us "Cult of the Throne". For me to tell you that this song absolutely kicks the fucking dog shit out of the Coffins track would be an unfortunately all to real revelation. Ilsa is just that fucking good. If you break it down and separate everything and compare the two tracks on this split side by side against each other...ILSA is going to come up head and shoulders above Coffins...and I really like the Coffins track ...it sounds better production-wise. The Guitars, while they bear a lot of stylistic similarities are way tighter and more interesting. The rhythm section of this band is just morbidly obese...NO I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT THEM PHYSICALLY YOU FUCKING HERB...the shit is just a thick, heavy wall of brutality that holds this track in the pocket through all the various changes and parts of the song. and that leaves me the vocals/lyrics. If I haven't already made it clear I like the evil stuff. Sometimes when I listen to ILSA I get the sensation that this might actually be that real pure evil...the kind of shit that could actually summon supernatural occurrences...like gateways and portals to shit we don't understand and could never survive are threatening to be opened at the end of every song. Are you into that kinda shit? Do you like your music to entertain you on many levels but also unnerve you? Yeah I fucking do to. And this is why I listen to ILSA damn near every day. You should too.