Although I’ve been honest about my love affair with EDM for a few years now, the genre and its 400,000 subgenres is still a very untapped market for me. Whether it’s a very expansive back catalog that I’m still discovering or the fact that new DJs and Producers are popping up at an accelerated rate, I find myself listening to something new (or atleast new to me) almost every day. Toronto’s Autoerotique is no exception to this and his Kids Don’t Care EP is another prime example of this never ending exposure to new music.

I’ve been trying to think how to describe this to someone that doesn’t listen to any electronic dance music for about 30 minutes now and the best way I could come up with is calling it Disco Dub Step. The foundation for all three tracks on this EP is a very bass drum and loud high hat delivery. The background is full of the fuzzy and grimy wubs that everyone associates with Skrillex. However, this doesn’t sound like anything Sonny has ever put out and has more of 70’s pop feel with much more modern sexual overtones. For those who do dabble in the world of EDM, the easiest comparisons would be if Moksi and Ghastly did a collaboration for a few tracks. The pulsing, energetic percussion backbone is mixed well with crafty use of a wide array of non-traditional musical sounds. The groove is infectious and due to all three songs having similar beat pacing and repeated vocals, you’ll find yourself lost for the entire duration of the EP.

That’s about it for this record. The album is short and to the point but it’s deceptively catchy with its relative simplicity. It’s not all “untz untz” like most people associate with EDM nor is it twerk heavy like something people are getting accustomed to because of DJs like Diplo and Flosstradamus. It’s just solid, fun dance music. Check on Dim Mak Records.