I guess the thing to do is to find something nice and positive to say about a record that you are about to trash in a review, so that if the band ever sees it they can at least take something from it that wasn't "mean"...so I'ma go ahead and give my praise up front, start this motherfucker on a high note before we get into the review of the rest of this record...which is definitely horrible. I cannot say that the Guitarist is untalented. He makes sure that we all know that he knows how to play guitar because of the way he makes us listen to him jerk off all over every fucking song with his noodly blown out bullshit like some kind of fake ass wannabe 4 fingered Yngwie. Does that count as a compliment? IT MOTHERFUCKING BETTER BECAUSE I DOUBT I'MA FIND MANY MORE FUCKING SILVER LININGS TO THIS FUCKING TURD OF AN ALBUM.

This band GET OUT is labelled as "Heavy Indie"...I was like "Okay Dave...that shit sounds alright...you listen to a whole bunch of pussy ass indie bands, maybe you will be able to fuck with this shit." Turns out I was wrong...but what really turns out is that whoever the fuck called this an "indie" band is full of shit. I know there are comparisons that I am hearing that I am struggling to put together in my head but right now it is making me think that this is what it would sound like if Disturbed and Better than Ezra fucked and had a child with developmental disabilities but in spite of it could play the fuck out of the guitar....

Nothing about this shit is indie on any level, unless Indie just means broke ass fucking band nobody has ever heard of and has no label support. This is the fucking definition of mainstream horrible rock music. This is basically Nickleback or any other mainstream band except that GET OUT can't afford a big time producer to tell them that all of their instincts about music are wrong.

You know what...I'm sorry. I'm done. I just can't write any more about it or listen to it anymore. This isn't the worst album I've reviewed here but if I listen to this more it is just going to keep losing points with me. I know y'all motherfuckers expect a little more outta me...I'm sorry about that. Hopefully whatever record I get next won't be as much of a boring letdown. Fuck this band and their terrible record. Well...unless the stuff I said above sounds like the kinda shit you listen to on purpose when you ride around in your piece of shit mid nineties sedan in your hillbilly Podunk town in the middle of nowhere. If that is you then I recommend picking this up and driving into oncoming traffic.