First of all, this is late, like two years late. I probably shouldn't point that out, but it's important because I had never heard of this band or record. That would make sense if this came out on a small label, but I'm staring at the logos for Roadrunner Records and The End Records. Maybe they didn't give it much attention and if that's the case than they are assholes because this is really good.

Oh yeah, the band is called Empress A.D. and the record is titled Still Life Moving Fast. The first time I put it on I was flying down the highway with the windows down and sunroof open and was reminded of a mix between Poison The Well and Deftones. Initially I was just pleased that there was at least one tolerable record in the latest pile of review CD's, but after a second listen is when it really started to sink in how enjoyable this is.

Posion The Well? Not really, the vocals just sound similar to what I remember from the You Come Before You record. Deftones? Yeah maybe, put there is a little more prog going on here. Mastodon and Baroness? Much closer, but more like The Ocean with shorter songs. So it's prog metal I guess, but there is some kind of pop element that slightly reminds me of Thrice. Each song has a delicate heaviness. There is no mistake that this is a metal record from the first note, but it fells gentle and warm instead of aggressive.

I know the label "prog metal" can be a turn off for some people, but trust me, there is no silly wankery here. These songs are accessible for any fan of heavy music and I recommend taking some time with it even if it's just to try and pick out their influences. Better late than never I guess.