Sun Shadows is a band from somewhere and Red Herring is the name of their record I am attempting to write a review for. I'm having trouble putting anything down here and after a Google search it doesn't look like anyone, anywhere has wrote about this record. That has literally never happened to me before. So let me try to tell you what is going on here.

This is like getting stuck listening to the local modern rock radio station. It reminds me of some of the less offensive nu-metal I remember like Onesidezero or Sinch. I could live with that for a little bit, but then half way through the record you get date raped, by some surprise bullshit that sounds like a nu-metal R&B remix. From there on out I couldn't listen to this record without feeling a little angry. The nasally vocals suddenly got more shrill. The electronic elements became more prevalent and corny. Seriously, this goes from an almost tolerable modern rock record to some weird disco rock album. It sucks.

I don't want to talk about this anymore. It makes me depressed, but I'm trying to fill some space.

I replaced my light bulbs in my bedroom the other day. I have a dimmer switch and I noticed it humming like a......something that hums. So I took out the light bulbs because I don't want to burn down my house. I think that's long enough now. Toodles.