I first was exposed to Pittsburgh's Eternal Sleep after I saw them open for Bane last year at a small venue in NJ. Amongst a lineup of traditional hardcore bands, much in the vein of Bane, I was instantly taken by the brutal HM-2 soaked wall of guitar courtesy of guitarist Travis Bennington. The guttural vocals of frontman Joseph Sanderson commanded my attention and got the crowd into a frenzy upon his calls for violence. I jumped at the opportunity to hear their new album, The Emptiness Of...and I'm really glad that I did.

The self titled opening track builds slowly as a wall of dissonant feedback before exploding into "Last Kind Words". A chugging d-beat riff builds before Sanderson's bellowing yell kicks the track into the first verse. Two step riffs and breakdowns galore, this band gets people moving and heads banging. The first released single, "Red Herring, is a perfect example of the brutality that Eternal Sleep is capable of. The song builds and chugs throughout, before Sanderson screams "GODLESS" and leads the band into a devastating breakdown.

My love of bands like Black Breath and Nails may or may not have to do with their usage of the HM-2 pedal for their guitar tone, but I can't help it. This record hasn't left my rotation since I received the advance copy, and is frequently blasted with my windows down while simultaneously mean mugging shitty drivers. This record gets my blood boiling, and I'd imagine that's what the sole mission is for The Emptiness Of.... The LP is being released on May 20th via Closed Casket Activities and you can stream the aforementioned barnburner "Red Herring below: