When i first heard this album a lot of thoughts rushed through my head at once. I thought of it as "different", "slower", i cursed at the producer, i called my friends to discuss my thoughts. Seeing this album develop over some time and reeling from 2014's masterpiece "GUILTY OF EVERYTHING" i retained very high hopes for the new record. As the singles started appearing live, it was very nice to see the direction things were headed. A split with California's Whirr was a very exciting tease to see what they'd do with veteran producer Will Yip (Balance and Composure/Title Fight). It's my honest belief that with all spiritual provinance and whatnot aside this is a slow burning album that seems to me, and a few of my friends very easy to live along side.

Sonically i feel that this album goes far to further reach into the "shoegaze" element of their descriptive sound. Seeing crybabies and critics online alike complain that NOTHING wasn't a shoegaze band left me wishing for one more slowdive tour to punch internet bloggers whilst nonchalantly encapsulated within their phones. This album takes the band's melodic songwriting in a bit of a softer, focused rock driven direction. People have pointed at later Deftones as a major influence, i hear the obvious Slowdive influences with a heavy layer of dreamy alternative and emo. This is the Nevermind to Bleach, this is the working man's sophmore release.

Songs like "The Dead are Dumb" "ACD" along with most of the b-side open up a corner of NOTHING's sound that
is much different than the previous gazed out jammer "Downward Years to Come" in a way that shows the band writing for serious hooks in sacrifice for "beauty in chaos" guitars and swirling melodies. After about a month's worth of listening, i've grown to look forward to these tracks as they presented a challenge for me to wrap my head around at first, being 30 going on 16 and wanting to hear every song i ever check out be the next "Milk It". The songwriting invokes a feeling of nostolgia in a way back to the mid 2000's era when hardcore bands started softening their sound, ala Connecticut's The Distance with their later releases, and bands like Renee Heartfelt and Kill Verona
were just as comfortable on bills with the best of hard and fast from that era along the eastern seaboard.

The singles "Vertigo Flowers" and "Eaten by Worms" are songs that really standout songs that will grab your ear with varying tempos and even call backs to Radiohead with "Eaten By Worms". Paired with some rather interesting videos, these tracks nail down the album for a listener who refuses to budge. There are a lot of sounds on this album, "Curse of the Sun" may be my favorite track of all with it's grooving and riffing. It throws back to a very Mellon Collie-esque guitar riff in the bridge with captivating lyrics to relate to "made of blood and semen, piss and shit are we never unpolluted". Truly great work.

A band of turmoil, with angst on a level some just don't get have produced an album soaked and dusted thoroughly versed with the downside of modern world living. Call it grunge, call it great, i call it solid and i look forward to more.

Pros: Progression from album to album, great lyrics, fresh feel

Cons: Prefered Jeff Zeigler's production, want more from the drums.