This two song EP isn't very new. It came out last October to be exact, but I randomly put it on today for the first time and thought it was pretty cool so why not pump out a quick review?

After a Google search I see these guys are from Richmond, VA, which makes sense because most good bands are from Richmond for whatever stupid fucking reason. Anyway, these two songs seem like they were picked up off the cutting room floor from the recording session for their Crawling EP. Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations Studio, who I personally have recorded two records with, sat behind the desk of knobs for these tracks and added the perfect layer grime.

Right away this sounds like Nirvana, and that doesn't really go away, but you start to hear other influences creep in. I hear a lot of Title Fight, and maybe if that Joyce Manor band would grow some balls and turn up the distortion, they'd be a good comparison.

There is also an adolescence to this recording that reminds me of something from Fat Wreck Chords. I think it's just in the slightly higher pitched vocals, but it's not offensive. Still, mostly I hear Nirvana, maybe Tad, maybe whoever else from that grassroots grunge era and probably a lot of Title Fight. You can just listen to it though, thats probably the better option. The whole thing is less than three minutes, you aren't that busy, so here: