I started reviewing this a couple weeks ago and stopped. You know why? It's because I did the same thing when I tried listening to this record. It sucks. It is fucking garbage. This is that midwest meth head nu metal hardcore hybrid that only people with eyebrow piercings and drug problems like.

This sounds like tattoos in the kitchen.
30 packs of Natural Light.
Chuck Liddell mohawks.
Marlboro Menthol Lights.
Sweat bands on the forearm.
Tear away track pants.
Rockstar energy drink.
Mardi gras beads on Cince De Mayo.
Black wife beater with an unbuttoned blue work shirt.
ARD classes.
Adults watching cartoon network.
Quoting Adam Sandler movies from the 90's.
Telling people how much you drank last night.
A quart of gas station iced tea.
Keeping it real.
Being mean to your mom.

To summarize, here is a quote from a news article "Dead By Wednesday just released a new EP this summer, Death of the Rockstar and now they are in need of a new vocalist. What happened to their old vocalist? Oh, he was just arrested for attempting to burglarize his local pharmacy." (Metal Injection)

Enough said.