Welcome back.

Ah, Lita... where to begin with this? I admit, I was looking forward to flexing my panning muscles but I didn't hate this nearly enough. Lita Ford still has a very strong voice. She can still rip on the guitar, as evidenced on the cover of Jimi Hendrix's Little Wing. In fact, I didn't hate this at all. Musically, this is pretty solid for what it is, and if you didn't know this was released in 2016 you would have thought 1988 for certain. Lita's sound and style has not been updated for the trends of the day. You won't hear her rapping and you won't hear her playing breakdowns. She's going with what she knows, and that consists of a hefty dose of power ballads and bad-ass rocker chick hair metal.

Where this goes wrong is in the way the album is laid out. It sounds incomplete, with the first three main tracks being power ballads, and an original instrumental number, On The Fast Track, following the aforementioned Hendrix cover, which is also an instrumental. The original instrumental sounds like a half-finished song and it's not nearly as good as Little Wing, so I question the wisdom of placing it there. It makes the original sound weak by comparison.

The production value on this is also inconsistent, with some songs sounding poorly mixed. In parts, the rhythm guitars are barely audible, and the leads are too loud. The lopsided balance of the tracks has the most deleterious impact on this record, though. Look, I like Lita Ford. I think starting strong with one of the more rockin' songs like Anything For The Thrill would have been a better way to kick off the record. Show us you can still shred and make us bang our heads. To start with three ballads, though, oof, that's rough, and it's a sure-fire way to put the listener to sleep.

I will say this much, though: there are some good songs on this album. If you like 80's metal then there's plenty for you to enjoy here and it's genuine and strong (just stay away from Mr. Corruption). Lita's voice is in top shape and she's always been a great yet underrated guitarist. The flow of Time Capsule is just very hard to sink into, though. A simple reordering of the songs and a little more ear during mixing would have moved this from an ambitious but mediocre record to a pleasantly surprising one.