Hey! Hi! How are ya? It’s been a minute but hey, new year new me or something like that. Regardless of my extended hiatus, I’m back to tell you my useless opinion on a new record. This time it happens to be Iron Reagan’s new jammer, Crossover Ministry, which dropped at the beginning of this month on Relapse Records, is the band’s 3rd foray in full length territory and they certainly show no signs of slowing down.

Featuring members from Municipal Waste, Darkest Hour, and Cannabis Corpse, these Richmondites, are having a little fun poking at the current state of politics in this country. Instead of choosing a side, they seem to take a tongue-in-cheek nihilistic approach to attacking the system. However, with politics being such a bore recently, they do take on some time to break up the monotony with tracks like “Fuck The Neighbors” which is pretty self-explanatory and, what will probably be my favorite song of the year “Dead With My Friends” about just wanting it to be all over so we can just party in the great unknown.
Musically, they steer a lot closer to Municipal Waste than any of the members other projects but with a lot less note noodling and more hardcore punk. There is a nice chug to the constant barrage of power chords and the quick, yet simple drumming provides a solid backbone while allowing the riffs to take center stage. The approach is a bit formulaic over the course of 18 songs but seeing that the record only clocks in at 30 minutes, it never becomes problematic.

Music can sooth the soul and with everyone being bummed the fuck out with what is going on in this country, it’s nice to have a band like Iron Reagan inject some good vibes into the mix. This is a record you can throw on repeat, get shitty with your friends, and sing away the pain. Or go to one of their shows and jump of the stage onto someone else’s face. Whatever floats your boat. Although this is the first record I’ll be tackling this year, I have a feeling its stay way close to the top as my favorite.

The Crossover Ministry is here, go to church. (aka buy the record, you idiot)