At last year's Roadburn Festival in The Netherlands, Converge took their Blood Moon act to the stage, which at that point had performed only a few European dates. The more experimental and rearranged compositions of Converge material was rounded out by former member and current Mutoid Man frontman Steven Brodsky on 2nd guitar, as well as Ben Chisolm and Chelsea Wolfe. However, the band decided to dedicate another day of Roadburn to a feat they had never attempted in their 27 year existence. Playing an album from front to back.

Obviously, that album needed to be not only the most heralded album of the band's discography, but one of the most seminal albums of the hardcore genre. 2001's Jane Doe is often regarded as one of the most important records in heavy music history, but the chances are you already know that. Much of the album's tracklist have remained in Converge's set over the years, tracks like "Concubine" and "Jane Doe" come to mind. This performance was captured and mixed by guitarist Kurt Ballou, who I repeatedly praise so I again spare you the details.

Hearing these songs performed in a live setting really showcases how much each member has improved as a musician and performer in the 15 years since Jane Doe had been released. Drummer Ben Koller hits fills just a little more aggressively while vocalist Jacob Bannon is more guttural yet focused while alternating between his signature bark and more spoken word-esque yells. Nate Newton's backing vocals and aggressively distorted bass tone are an under appreciated aspect to the band's heavy sound, and has only begun to shine on recent albums. While Newton's aforementioned bass tone wasn't apparent on Jane Doe, (both Koller and Newton's first recording in Converge lineup) it's cool to hear a more modern take on these songs.

Steve Brodsky again joins the band in the albums final act, performing second guitar and clean vocals on the final three tracks. Brodsky's contribution is never more effective than on album closer and title track "Jane Doe". Overall, this live record is a perfect encapsulation of a band playing their most heralded record, and playing it quite well. Jane Live is available now via Deathwish Inc, and the 2nd pressing on vinyl is up for preorder now. Watch the set in it's entirety below: