Umeå Sweden's post-metal titans return with their first live release since 2009's Fire Was Born and it does not disappoint. Their live show is wonderfully complimented by Alex Sevenier's light direction. I have had the privilege of seeing Cult of Luna live before and the film really captures the intensity and atmosphere of their live set.

The film starts with The Sweep and wonderfully coalesces into Vertikal II's Light Chaser. There is a not an unbanged head in the crowd. The follow this up with the crushing Owlwood off of 2008's Eternal Kingdom. The next song is a favorite of mine and though was included on Fire Was Born this version includes the entire intro to the song. It is great to hear singer Johannes's take on the song since former singer Klas Rydberg left the band in 2012. Next up is Veritkal's 2013 hit, I: The Weapon followed by the moody Waiting On You from 2004's Salvation. The rest of the experience is the entirety of 2006's critical masterpiece Somewhere Along the Highway which I had the pleasure of reviewing for I still have my promo copy and have it framed. It begins with one of my favorites Marching to the Heartbeats and is then accompanied by the pounding drums of Finland. The rest of the set leads up to the very epic Dark City, Dead Man.

I have been a very hardcore CoL fan for he past several years and was extremely excited when this was announced. The live album is packaged in a tri-fold 10" record style sleeve. It includes two extra live audio discs of their performances at Roadburn Festival in 2013 and 2016 as well as a HD download of the show and the music tracks. This is a must watch for anyone into post-metal and post-rock.

In addition to the DVD release they have also released LPs of all three live recording. Both Roadburn albums are pressed to black vinyl in a limited quantity of 500 each and the Live in Paris set was released on orange and yellow splatter vinyl limited to 1000 copies. If you are unable to catch them on their limited 2017 North American tour this summer this is a wonderful way to experience such an amazing band and their atmospheric live show.

A perfect release for any fan of post-metal or someone looking to dip their toe into the Cult, the only complaint is that since this release includes the entirety of Somewhere Along The Highway on the Roadburn 2016 disc that I, as a die-hard fan, wish the video included more tracks off Salvation and Eternal Kingdom.

Cult Of Luna has released nine albums, and been awarded the top rock/ metal award at the Swedish National Radio Awards in 2006. They perform post-metal music in the realm of Neurosis and Isis. Rejecting conventional musical structures and instead focusing on a more organic sound, the band cemented their status as one of the true progressors of the metal genre with their critically acclaimed space-themed album, Mariner, created together with one of the top post-metal vocalists, Julie Christmas. Mariner has been nominated for Best Hard Rock/Metal Album Of The Year by Swedish Grammis, Manifestgalan & P3 Guld and listed as Album Of The Year in Rolling Stone, Aftonbladet, Ghost Cult Mag, Wall Of Sound, Metal Injection, and many others.