The Universe By Ear is a group that I'd never heard of performing in a genre that I have started to listen to more and more but have only a thin background with. They are apparently from Switzerland and comprised of the following 3 members.

Stef Strittmacher (guitar, vocals)
Pascal Gr├╝nenfelder (bass, vocals)
Beni B├╝rgin (drums, vocals)

Each of these musicians turn in solid instrument performances throughout the record in a well blended rock album that runs 9 songs in just a bit under 48 minutes. It sounds like a band of polished musicians and song writers to me. They have a blend of rock styles on display made up of mostly Psychedelic, Blues, and some significant Progressive influences. The atmospheric and harmonic vocals weave around the artful application of guitar and bass and drums.

On the 4th track Dead End Town I hear the two singers ( I think) use the vocal trick that Alice In Chains mastered and then switch it up and go into a Beatles-esq harmony that my brain really liked. Another noteworthy turn is the 8th track Ocean/Clouds/Prism where we get a diverse mix of the skill set from shredding guitars to ethereal blues tinged noisescape.

The record has a pleasing sound for a casual listen on my home stereo as well as in my car. Id like to give this album a listen on my monitor headphones for my next listen as I suspect there is a meticulousness I am missing by listening to it in my media room and car.

In summary, I like the record and give it a 3 out of 5 stars. The Universe By Ear cleverly walks the line between being creative and interesting without falling through the trapdoors of being droning and or needlessly esoteric.