The Von hails from South Florida and love yoga.

They also sound like they loved summer camp. In fact, I have a theory that this is in fact a band of camp counselors. They play indie rock with a lot of electro influence. 3nity is a three song (how about that!) EP and it underwhelming.

The vocals are not good and that is immediately evident on "I Know It's Love." Dude bro is flat as fuck. The ideology and intention seems encouraging though. Their music pushes to be uplifting in both the lyrics and instrumentation. Unfortunately, they come across sounding like a better than average youth group band for one of those new age churches.

On "Nature Of The Beast" they build to what should be a quality pop styled chorus, but just don't find it. "My Heart Machine" finishes things off and fails to save the record. If there is any consolation, they write decent music when it comes to the verse and bridge, but the choruses suffer and the less than stellar vocals make it hard to swallow.

The Von seems like a band with the right ideas and good intentions, but this three piece could probably benefit greatly by employing adding a member or two, including a better lead singer. Until then they will have a few friends who like them and a couple fedora wearing stragglers who clap between hits of their vape pens.