It's hard to go into reviewing something for a band like Fozzy without some amount of bias. Most know frontman Chris Jericho from his exploits as one of the most dominant names in the art of professional wrestling for whats closing in on a quarter century. In that time he has become a larger than life persona within that industry, someone many would consider to be one of the greatest showmen of all time with a career spanning generations.

As obvious by my handle I am a pro wrestling mark and I was aware Fozzy was promoting a new single called "Judas", by way of a WWE Raw promo piece months ago. The full album titled "Judas" dropped October 13th and since its on Century Media, it should be pretty easy to find on all digital platforms and wherever the fuck people buy CDs from in 2017, including Uncle Rick's Flea Market.

Once you get around three tracks in its pretty obvious what Fozzy is about. This is fairly straight forward radio friendly hard rock. Everything will be in 4/4. Beyond the occasional edm type sample or drop, or the looping piano found on what is clearly the power ballad of the record....ohhh nooo then you get to track "Three Days in Jail" where you will find a more numetal than hip hop type of rap part into a metalcore type harsh vocal over a pretty straightforward breakdown.

For what it is, it serves the purpose, despite cringey moments like the hook of "Drinkin With Jesus" (I wont ruin it for you) and the above guest spot. There is a real market for stuff like this. People who listen to hard pop rock like this know where to find cds for sale in 2017. And. They. Buy. Them.

This stuff is accessible, its easy to get into for the average music listener. It follows the tried and true verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus template that popular music has been built on since our parents were babies so its easy to jump in for casual music listeners.

For ME personally, and I imagine the average reader of this website would feel the same, this is essentially what the community here would call butt rock, and I wouldnt recommend it to people with similar tastes as myself. Ill rate it well above Nickelback and Volbeat as there were a few interesting riffs and leads but the chances I will revisit this are extremely slim.

All that being said I'll have the popcorn on deck for when Y2J takes on Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 12.