Stumbling upon an Australian band can really make a guy second guess the music that he's used to from a certain continent. The usual suspects tend to be stuck forever in our minds as the one-hit-wonder bands of the 1980's.

Royal Headache, on the other hand, seems to have what us yanks don't search for on purpose, but happily stumble upon by accident. Once the earworm of a perfect brit-pop song hits us, it's close to impossible for us to shake. This album, High, has the pop sensibilities that Americans loved about Oasis, Blur, and Pulp while maintaining the steady simplicity of 70's acts like The Damned, Gang of Four, and especially Wire.

The vocals have the certain throwback perfection of the previously mentioned bands with an at times Paul Weller delivery, sounding like a modern Australian document without standing as the only interest. The barely-there crunch of boosted clean channel Fender guitars back up Tim "Shogun" Wall's bouncing-up-and-down vocal delivery perfectly on High, and ensures that the record doesn't dissolve into something resembling The Strokes.

Hailing from Sydney, the band really doesn't have much of an internet presence. I'm not sure if these fellas are still even an act, but I felt that I had to share this incredible record. Do yourself a favor and blast this record on repeat.