PG 99 is a band that in the early 2000's kept a very traveled and open door in between varying genres of grimey music and the art world. Keeping true to punk roots while conspiring with bands that went far into metal territory, i feel that PG99's influence on the now 30-something crowd of the east coast is testament to just how good these early records are and how well they hold up over 15 years.

Document #7 is very akin to the very popular Document #8 album hailed by fans for it's chaotic song structures and non conforming dynamics in between each song. This isn't 3 chord punk, it's not grind, it's not anywhere near hardcore. I had always felt that this was an album that fit well with it's direct niche in bands like Pig Destroyer and Baroness. Pg99's songs have always intrigued me as they're very back and forth between airy and slow, emo like songs, to very quick blasts and sloppy flying guitars. Bipolar disorder on tape. This album to me shows off a bit heavier a side to the band's sound, highlighted well on the opening track "Living In The Skeleton of A Happy Memory". Sonically some of the material on this album reminds me very much of sludge bands. Mostly with it's tempo changes. By the fourth song it's single minute of frantic guitars with chopping rhythms and ferocity at a top tier level rivaling any dc/rva hardcore act. The closing track to me, much like the first, satisfies my thirst for down tempo textured, melodic music. Long, slow, loud guitars that lack redundancy. An element of PG99'S music that appeals to my ear personally is that it's very poetic, yet non repetitive. The songs are a bit complex to immediately feel acquainted with, but a rare band that this doesn't negate repeat listens. Truly an interesting band from an explosive era. Reminds me quite a bit of the Converge split with ANb and other Robotic Empire releases of the era. The end of this record and it's dramatics are awesome.

This was a scrapped third of a split release with the great Love Lost but Not Forgotten and the Hareste. I recall listening to this along with a handful of other PG99 that releases i would buy at the Wooden Shoe in Philadelphia in my high school years. After a short run of vinyl in the early 2000's this document is being unearthed to coincide with PG99's tour summer 2017.