Quiet Riot released Metal Health back in 1983. That record more than holds up with albums of that era and will remain a classic for fans of heavy metal and rock music for all time. Since then, they haven't done much that can be considered notable.

So, naturally they are back in 2018 (this album actually came out in 2017) with eleven new songs on Road Rage. This one was actually delayed once as it was initially recorded with Seann Nicols on vocals before being re-recorded with American Idol alum James Durbin. Yeah. Make of that what you will, but I know how it makes me feel. Apprehensive.

Early on into this record, it's pretty clear that Quiet Riot has all but abandoned the majority of their musical connection to heavy metal. That's a pretty logical direction, but it's too safe. "Freak Flag" comes close to resembling the bands heyday, but it would have merely been a footnote on their earlier albums.

The fact that they re-recorded the vocals in favor of this singer is interesting because he's not very good. The other guy must have been terrible. Having said all that, I'd rather listen to Road Rage than the majority of what is playing on active rock radio. They don't necessarily have the hooks or chops to make another commercial run, but fans of good old rock and roll can appreciate it.

I've seen Quiet Riot twice. Once with original singer Kevin DuBrow and once with short lived vocalist Jizzy Pearl (I'm not making that up!). The first time was in an old prison with a college crowd. The second was a small bar in Annapolis, MD to a middle aged crowd.

Before they started the show in Annapolis a guy in his fifties said to me "I don't understand why they're playing at such a small place."

"You'll know when they start." I said.

That's the thing with Quiet Riot in 2018. If you have your expectations in the right place, they'll be met, but never exceeded.