By now, if you pay any attention to death metal, you've surely heard the name Tomb Mold. If you've heard this album, you know damn well why they're creating such a buzz. I'm here to say that the hype machine is more than correct when it comes to Manor of Infinite Forms. If you're a fan of the genre and haven't listened to it yet, please stop reading now and change that. Immediately.
Forming, presumably, in 2015/2016, the band released a couple of demos. Not the best in production, but showed great promise. Their full length in 2017, Primordial Malignity, cashed in on the promise of those demos. It was a great, dirty, no holds barred, death metal outing. It was disgusting in all the best possible ways.
Now, 2018, the band is somehow back with another full length. If you thought it couldn't get any better, Tomb Mold are hear to slap that silliness right out of your head because great googly moogly, this goddamn slab of death metal will easily find itself on many year end best of lists.
To say this is old school death metal wouldn't be a slight on the band and it wouldn't be wrong, but it would be wrong to simply pass it off as just a toss back to the days of old from the genre. It takes the best of classic US, Finnish, and Swedish gods, melts them into a sound their own, throws it into a bestial cave, and out comes Manor of Infinite Forms.
It's 40+ minutes of just riff after sick riff. It pulls the listener in and demands your attention, an attention that brings you back for repeat listens. In an age where old school death metal is getting more notoriety, it's not easy to stand out from the pack. Tomb Mold more than stands out from the pack. They're a front runner in the genre and with albums like this, they deserve to be on the top of the heap garnering all accolades.