For many people, Nightmare Logic was their first experience with the band Power Trip. If you pay any attention to heavy music, it has been damn near impossible to not hear of these guys. They've been everywhere. That album was not my first experience with them, but the first where it all fully clicked. It's a glorious outing of thrash that honors the heyday while sounding fresh.

I had seen the band for years and listened to recordings. They were ALWAYS great live (seriously, go see them if you've never) and the records were good, but as mentioned, never clicked with me. Thankfully, Dark Operative has compiled the early days of the band for those that may have never heard it, or like me, given it its rightful chance.

Opening Fire 2008-2014 does as the title blatantly suggests, it compiles their recorded efforts from 2008-2014 (excluding full length Manifest Destination). Remastered here by Arthur Rizk for new audiences, we get their demo and two EPs. This shows the band in their young age, but these songs do mostly hold up.

You can see where the band got to their last acclaimed full length. On these tracks, you will hear more of a crossover/hardcore sound in the mix. Texas has A LOT of thrash and hardcore crossover it seems. In all, these are songs that they could easily drop in a present day set list, please the old fans, and have new fans wondering what that great song was.

If Opening Fire shows us anything, it shows a young band, doing this for a decade now, that were having tons of fun while perhaps aiming for the stars. Stars they continue to obtain and slay with their live shows. For me, it shows what I've been missing out on all of these years and should have been listening to. It also holds us over until they give the world another full length.