I sold my soul for Rock N' Roll a long time ago, and The Dirty Nil sold theirs to craft in my opinion, the album of the year. The Dirty Nil hail from Hamilton, Ontario and commanded my attention on two separate supporting slots over the past couple years for both Billy Talent and Against Me! In a live setting, the trio will blast you the hell away with their quick, catchy blasts of punk rock. After the success of their 2016 LP Higher Power and their 2017 compilation release Minimum R&B, we are being blessed with 34 minutes of new bangers under the title of Master Volume.

First single ”Bathed In Light” is a straight party rager, with frontman/guitarist Luke Bentham’s wall of distorted guitar dominating the track while howling about going out in a ball of flames. Bentham’s vocals are incredibly melodic and powerful at times, only to mutate into throat shredding screams to emphasize the more chaotic moments found throughout the album. New bassist Ross Miller, formally of Single Mothers, provides thick ass bass lines and appropriately aggressive backing vocals. ”Please, Please Me” is a great example of this dual vocal attack and is one of the faster tracks on the album. It’s one man’s opinion but the track sounds very much like a Nimrod era Green Day track, albeit more grandiose with its drawn out ending.

”Auf Wiedersehen” is the perfect track to say “fuck you” nicely to a soon to be ex. Drummer Kyle Fisher bashes his kit during the choruses enough to stand out against the wall of distortion that goes off the rails in the second half of the track.

If I came for a truce
Would you wanna make one too?
You don’t need me and I don’t need you
But as long as I’ve got your attention in tune
I mean this in a nice way: fuck you

”I Don’t Want That Phone Call” is a strong declaration to a substance abusing friend to chill before it’s too late. The catchy track rocks as much as it’s culturally relevant, as Ontario is currently home to an opiate addiction. Closer ”Evil Side” is relatively chill for the first half of the track before building into a massive crescendo full of washed out cymbals and ambient guitar leads before fading out. And that would be a fitting end to a fantastic album, however those who listen on your streaming service of choice will be graced with a short and sweet cover of the Metallica classic ”Hit The Lights”.

While people will be packing their local bars getting drunk and having conversations amongst those back in town for the holiday, i'll be spending my Thanksgiving Eve blowing out my voice and losing my shit at Voltage Lounge. I invite those in the Philadelphia area to do the same and surrender your souls.

Master Volume is out now via Dine Alone Records