I can write a couple paragraphs about how Saves The Day entered my ears for the first time, and was an entry point into the musical realm I’ve resided in for much of life. I could talk about the band’s evolution in sound from album to album and the peaks and valleys from underground darlings to major label signees. However, on the 9th album from Saves The Day, frontman and lasting original member Chris Conley tells the tale himself.

Oh yeah we’re writing a record
We know you’re gonna love it
You’ll know it forward and backward
We’ll get it stuck in your head

Album opener “Saves The Day” is an upbeat track that starts with drummer Dennis Wilson setting the tone, before the band kicks into full gear. The album’s tone greatly contrasts the depressing, angry lyrical themes found in the album trilogy that began with 2007’s Sound The Alarm and ended with 2011’s Daybreak. Sound The Alarm is actually one of my favorite records for a variety of reasons, from its perfect production to Conley’s fiery vocal delivery that showcased an aggression not shown on previous albums. Instrumentally, the band is probably the tightest its ever been, with guitarist Arun Bali, bassist Rodrigo Palma and drummer Dennis Wilson comprising the lineup for the past 5 years.

9 is nothing but fun and for somebody who isn’t necessarily inclined to focus on lyrics, it’s cool to hear stories recounting the early days of New Brunswick basement shows. “Side By Side” features one of the catchiest riffs that is simultaneously one of Save’s The Day’s heaviest riffs, the band dropping out to let the riff ride before finally jamming it hard on the track’s tail end. “It’s Such A Beautiful World” is another upbeat track that instrumentally reminds me of the 90’s era, and will definitely get the crowd hopping provided they listen to Conley’s request to show up at their next show.

It’s such a beautiful world
Sometimes it’s all such a blur
We wanna see you at our next show

Album closer "29" is a twenty one minute monster that opens with thunderous drums and soaring vocal melodies, before taking a sharp turn towards upbeat punk again. The track follows the similarly composed 10 minute self titled opener on Daybreak, with multiple twists and turns from subdued to outright rockers. The track ends with a wall of guitars and Conley proclaiming:

We are alive in the world
Somehow, sometime
I know it’ll be alright
We are alive in the world

Overall, this is a fantastic fun record by the New Jersey vets that will be enjoyed by long time fans and even those not too familiar with the band. I’ve spent quite some time with this record and I can confidently say I know it forward and backward and it’s indeed stuck in my head. 9 is available this Friday on Equal Vision Records.