The last few years have been busy for Maryland’s Full Of Hell, as the band has released a split with Intensive Care, their second collaboration with The Body in Ascending A Mountain Of Heavy Light, and 2017’s full length Trumpeting Ecstasy. Now with their first release since signing to Relapse Records, the band is set to release Weeping Choir.

“Burning Myrrh” is a hellacious album opener full of breakneck blast beats and walls of dissonant chaos, all while frontman Dylan Walker destroys his throat with a barrage of intense vocal stylings. The backing vocals from bassist Sam DiGristine compliment those stylings quite well, and create some brutal combos heard throughout the record. The end of the track yields a sludgy soundtrack to the apocalypse with pounding tom drum hits to emphasize Walker as he screams:

Weeping ghost
Living warmth
Glowing blind
Pit of despair...

We then launch immediately into “Haunted Arches”, another fast paced assault that clocks in just over a minute. While his last name is Bland, drummer Dave Bland’s skills behind the kit are anything but. I honestly doubted including that dad joke in this review but you gotta keep the readers on their toes right? The track ends in a battle between a blast beat and guitarist Spencer Hazard’s trem picked riff before devolving into “Thundering Hammers”. The track maintains a mid tempo groove reminiscent of Pig Destroyer, although still breakneck in speed if found on a different band’s album.

Things take a turn down the experimental/noise influence that Full Of Hell are known for with “Rainbow Coil", a super distorted and bass heavy track full of glitchy effects and Walker’s guttural growl amongst walls of feedback. Producer Kurt Ballou returned to record and mix Weeping Choir after handling the band’s 2017 album Trumpeting Ecstasy. Ballou’s sonic fingerprint on the record is a welcome one, perfectly balancing the outright chaos with the aforementioned experimental element. The change in vibe is brief, as the duo of followup tracks “Aria Of Jeweled Tears” and “Downward" assault you in under two minutes a piece.

One of my favorite tracks on the record is also the longest track at nearly seven minutes. “Armory Of Obsidian Glass” is a slow tempo romp full of haunting yet ambient backing vocals and thunderous walls of guitar. Things get increasingly dissonant as the track devolves into a lone guitar and more ethereal backing vocals by Kristin Hayter of Lingua Ignota, before exploding into black metal-esque double kick and speed picked section that fades into noise.

Ultimately, the heavy element of Full Of Hell is firing on all cylinders and sounds as focused as ever while the experimental elements are more realized while still sounding equally as heavy. “Angels Gather Here” is a fantastic representation of that description, as the track is so heavily overloaded it sounds like your speakers are literally about to blow apart. The low end is so heavy due to the thunderous drums combined with a wildly distorted bass line. Things chug along at an industrial pace before the album’s final two tracks again beat the fuck out of your ears quicker than you can ever realize.

Weeping Choir is available May 17th via Relapse Records. Check out the video for "Burning Myrrh" below: