Now I typically take a more methodical approach to my reviews and have a cool backstory to bring everything full circle. Every so often something pops up on my radar and grabs my attention, and the debut LP from Fuming Mouth has done exactly that.

This is some PISSED HM-2 soaked heaviness I happened to stumble upon after checking out the roster of Triple B Records (The new Magnitude record is fantastic and I'll probably review that one here soon). The band put out their first EP in 2013 and have been crafting their sound ever since, and it's quite clear some work was put into this album. As is usually the case for bands with such sonically devastating tones, Kurt Ballou handles the recording and mixing of The Grand Descent.

Opener "Fatalism" bursts out of the gate with piercing guitar feedback and throat shredding vocals. Uptempo riff romps lead into super chugging breakdowns, often changing on a moments notice. "Nothing To Bleed" features some fast double kick drumming and acrobatic solos before devolving into a devastating breakdown that will almost certainly get your head banging.

Title track "The Grand Descent" is a feedback soaked interlude of sorts while ambient, booming drum grooves build in intensity before slamming into the next track, "The Great Equalizer". Another uptempo banger that wastes zero time kicking in with frenetic verses and sludgy breakdowns. This record is by no means reinventing the wheel but it SLAMS.

"Distant Voice" is a true break from the HM-2 soaked chaos, featuring clean-ish guitars and some low mixed clean vocals. The track begins to include droning feedback towards the tail end that is borderline hypnotizing before again punching your ears in the dick with "Transfiguration". Like a majority of the record, the band opted to trim the fat and kept a majority of the track under 3 minutes in length.

The Grand Descent is out now via Triple B Records, and the band will be heading out on tour this August with Harms Way and Jesus Piece. Check out the track "Nothing To Bleed" below: