Black Star Riders is a band comprised of well established musicians. Most notably, Ricky Warwick and Scott Gorham of Thin Lizzy. While there are some other dudes from other well known bands (Stone Sour, Ratt, Breaking Benjamin), those particular musicians names don’t quite jump off the page or feel pertinent while listening to “Another State Of Grace.”

Why? Because the immediate comparison that anyone would make is Thin Lizzy and rightfully so. “Another State Of Grace” is a hook-laden hard rock effort that is genuinely capable of bridging the gap between fans of rock and roll, young and old.

I’ve got a minor complaint about the length of the record. Song lengths average around four minutes each and sometimes it feels that way. I fully accept that my affinity for shorter songs isn’t universal, but I think trimming the fat on some of these tracks could have given the anthemic choruses a significant pop. Regardless, younger bands could learn a lot about crafting memorable refrains by listening to “Another State Of Grace.”

Normally, I’d be a little put off by a record that sounds as “big room” as this one does, but it’s got a production and feeling that reminds me of KISS. I don’t know how to make that make sense in this paragraph, but I know it’s a good thing.

Credit is also due for taking a stance in “Why Do You Love Your Guns?” that probably goes against the majority of their audience (at least in the United States). It seems to serve as the ballad for record and I personally think it’s a bold and respectable move.

I think most days I would skip over this record based on the super group label, but I’m glad I ignored it this time. Black Star Riders have brought us a catchy, fun, and big rock and roll record in a time where that has become exceedingly rare.