The muted piano enters and builds a somber tension and then it happens. Imagine you're floating in crystal clear water surrounded by the night with only the stars above you, her voice flows like inky black oil in that crystal clear water. You let it float with you you; you let it take you; it brings you no harm. In fact, it brings you a sort of peace while the melodic harmonies swim in your ears. The organ gives way to slightly driven guitars while her voice soars and the strings slowly swell, creating a rising feeling in your chest, and you feel relaxed, somber yet relaxed.

This is the magic of Maud The Moth's new single "As Above, So Below." Though this track is only 2:57, its replay value is worth its weight in gold. In each listen there is something new unearthed from the fertile sonic soil. I will wait eagerly for the full release which is set to hit streaming platforms and shelves on May 1st, 2020.

"Maud the moth serves as Madrid born pianist, singer, and songwriter Amaya López-Carromero’s personal alter ego; a conduit for her personal life experiences, and draws on a wide-ranging musical background, including traditional folk, jazz, classical, avant-garde and rock. Amaya currently lives in Edinburgh and has just finished her third full-length album, Orphne, which has been produced, mixed and mastered by Jaime Gómez Arellano (Ulver, Ghost, Sólstafir, Hexvessel)." -Qabar PR