Unleashed from an oblivion of torment and ruthlessness, Willowtip Records presents Unmerciful and their third studio album Wrath Encompassed (released June 10th, 2020) . Featuring the masterful recording of rhythmic and blistering vocals of Joshua Riley, the hellish and swirling melodies of Justin Payne and Clint Appelhanz on guitar, Swarming and indignant harmonies of Jeremy Turner on bass guitar and the relentless and deft drumming talent of Trynt Kelly, Unmerciful takes no prisoners in this brutal expanse into the sinful realms of fury and chaos.

A smoldering invitation to the demented hellscape of suffering spirits and furious devils begins Wrath Encompassed with The Incineration. The alternation between the low gutteral bellows and searing vocal fries is a tortuous duet. The diabolic and dynamic melody is introduced as a flame within a molten cavern, only later to unveil an adjacent vastness of fire and desolation. Serving meerly as exposition to the wartorn mountainsides of conflicting demonic legions evoked in the chugging rhythms and building tension of Blazing Hatred. The verses incite fury into the armies as dysphonic guitars sweep and slaughter in drove, only to be interrupted by a warmachine of flanging distortion, hellbent on slaughter. Zooming into the fray, Predator to Prey embodies the staredown of primal warriors, incensed into combat by the incinerated landscape of corpses left by the warmachine, each clash of their blades a crashing flurry from the war drums. A disadvantaged melody is eventually conquered and flipped towards a brutal riff of sadistic fury.

Leading into the title track of Wrath Encompassed, where the taste of blood and violence realizes and fuels the full power of berserk rage. The destructive riffs and bass harmony swell and swirl to capitalize the impact of each drum. Growls and groans interlude the bleak mania that is to come, as the melody returns and propels you back into the warzone. Spitting a mouthful of fury and barrages of blast beats, Carnage Unleashed passes you through a dimensional intestine as drones of wails swallow the rhythm. Swallowing and digesting you in intoxicating solos and unrelenting snares, this track passes you as a heated piled of refuse before the cardiac nightmare emblazoned in The Stench of Fear. The skipping and palpitating drums and steaming high hats swell until it all boils over in a foul and odorous sputtering of bass chimes into muddied and primal harmonies. Savage growls awakening a deep sense of urgency.

In the true Unmerciful spirit, Wrath Encompassed pushes you into a machine of technical and timed rhythms and screams that pluck the meat from your flesh in Furious Precision. The grooving undercurrents churn each gear and mold the body for the searing riffs to chew and process the melody until finally disposing of prototype in a inferno of blinding vapors. Delirious from the heat of unebbing anger Oblivious Descent drops and hurls you into oblivion to arrive in an even more otherworldly and unleashed hell. A building fire of ascending scales and pushing and pulling riffs through the crashing abysmal cymbals seizes to a halt only to swallow you into a deeper key, feeling more dizzying and confusing than before. Closing with the daunting and ducking rhythm to brutalize and complete this portrait of fury, Inexorable Decay, the complete unison of Unmerciful canonizes its final melody to decimate and obliterate what remains of this incongealable hellfire.

The diabolic and subterranean motifs in Wrath Encompassed highlight the strengths of the powerhouse group that is Unmerciful. A portal to an otherworldly warzone framed in the exceptional recording and mastering of Unmerciful's third full-length album sheds promise and light on the spirit to fight the legions that seek to destroy them. A refreshing and revitalizing release for the brutal death genre.