Named as a tongue in cheek act of defiance towards Kanye West’s 2019 Christian record, Satan Is King is a relentlessly brutal slab of power violence with lyrics as cutting as the instrumentals. Antichrist Demoncore, or ACxDC were on a hiatus as of 2017 and had released a self titled full length and a bunch of EP’s and splits before that. There are zero signs of rust as the band comes out immediately swinging with breakneck blast beats and crushing power chords while frontman Sergio Amalfitano’s chaotic vocals alternate between shrieking highs and guttural lows. 

Much of the records 15 tracks clock in under the 2 minute mark, but that’s to be expected with power violence. ACxDC manages to squeeze in A LOT in a short period of time, whether it be chugging breakdowns or wildly uptempo blast beats and d-beat spots. Taylor Young again killed it on production, especially with the drum sounds and their ability to be punchy and prominent amongst the distorted guitars and bass. “Exercise In Futility” is one my favorites on the record, and its lyrics especially resonate with me during this turbulent new existence in quarantine:

Corporations destroying the world 

Governments just passing the buck 

Full scale assault on mother earth 

I doubt you really give a fuck 

Much of the subject matter is to be expected, as ACxDC have plenty of lyrics in the realm of vegan and straight edge lifestyle, and it's delivered here in all of its furious glory. Overall, a hellacious record that is very much worth cranking at maximum volume with your windows down, with middle fingers up at those normie ass neighbors. Satan Is King is out this Friday via Prosthetic Records.