This is simply the best album I've recieved in ages. If you can tell by the cover art, these guys play a mix of souther rock, doom, and a tiny bit of metal all blended to create a melodic andf epic masterpeice of american music that deserves a ton of fans and a few bong packs.

If Lynard Skynard, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, and Led Zeppilen had a a baby, that baby would be this album. heavily influenced by 60s and 70s era stoner music and southern rock, this reaks of pachuli and popping weed seeds. They manage to create a soundscape instead of an album, the tracks run seemlessly into each other and the atmosphere remains flowing instead of other albums which seem to create inconsistancy instead of fluid motion. The vocals are unique, clean vocals, no screaming, almost could be compared to Clutch but not even really that closely.

Thick deep grooves create the mainstay of the album. They start slow as mud with "Celestial Crown", the introductory peice. "Barael's Blade" and "Freya" begin to let you know how this album will take form... intricately woven music that you could listen to just sitting around the house or would love to see live. I know that after hearing this wouldn't expect anything less than magic from this band live.

Things start peaking around "The Horned Goddess", in my opinion the best single track on the album. This song will get stuck in your brain like a qurter stuck in a gumball machine. And the intensity doesn't stop their, "Iron Swan" begins with a small interlude that lures you into a moment of placency, then takes off on a Iron Maiden style trash part to get you to pay attention again.

Things wrap up with "March Of The Lor" and "Ebathron", not to be outdone by the meat of the album, and just letting your ears have it until the very end. A sonic assault has just attacked your head and you're not sure what to think besides.... start the damn cd over.

From start to finish this album will overtake your senses and impress you with musical prowess that must have taken years to craft. If you think anything about this review grabs your ears, check out the mp3's posted to figure out if i'm telling the the truth.